Tomato Spider

Today we went to the junior ICT suite. It was really exciting because some of us haven’t been there before.

Mrs L asked us to find out facts about the Tomato Spider by logging on to the following website. First, we found out the latin name for the Tomato Spider and then we learnt about it’s diet and habitat.

Tomato Spider Website

After we had conducted out research Mrs Lilley told us that the Tomato Spider wasn’t real! We were shocked! Most of us believed it was.

We discussed the fact that we need to be cautious when we view information on websites; just because it looks real it doesn’t always mean that it is!

Class 7

Year 2’s top ten things to do on the internet

Today class 7 have been talking about the internet. We noticed our school blog hasn’t been updated for a while so we thought it would be a good idea to add some new posts!

After a discussion about what we use the internet for, we’ve decided to compile a ‘Top Ten’ list of things we enjoy.

We like to;

  1. Listen to music. (Lyla)
  2. Watch YouTube. (Teddy)
  3. Follow instructions to make crafty things. (Willow)
  4. Using to buy things. (Jessica)
  5. Play games. (Fraser)
  6. Find out stuff; asking questions about the world around us. (Faith)
  7. Looking at images. (Lana)
  8. Look at things that help us with our homework. (Martha)
  9. Print off colouring sheets. (Corey)
  10. Researching cricket players. (Oscar)

Over the coming weeks we will be learning about how we can stay safe on the internet.

Class 7

Pond Dipping

The Great Outdoors Club had a fantastic time emptying and re-filling the infant school pond. We found four fish, some tadpoles and lots and lots of dead leaves! Mr Viney came in to help us, and told us interesting information about how to have a healthy pond and what kinds of creatures we might find. As the water drained away, he explained how to syphon the water out using just a hose. Everyone had a net and scooped out the contents of the pond. Now that the water is clean and clear, we are hoping lots more creatures will choose our pond as a place to live. Watch this space…



Class 9 have been learning to write and programme Bee-bots. We started off by giving single instructions to the Bee-bots then our challenge was to try and give 2 or more instructions. We all had to remember to press the clear button at the start and go at the end. We also had to check our code to make sure the instructions were right so that Bee-bot didn’t go off the track. It also helped if we knew our left and right.

By Emily Brock

See photos below



Nature Detectives with YACWAG – Junior Learning College 20/11/15

Update from todays learning college session of ‘Nature Detectives’…
A great day enjoyed by the kids as we actually managed to get them outside for the whole session. Faith Moulin and I helped the children plant spring flowering plants and bulbs in the wildlife area. Some of these plants should help our spring time specialist such as early bumble bees, the Orange Tip Butterfly whilst providing winter seed heads for our birds.
Whilst we were doing this Trevor and John helped the children to map all the bird boxes on the school grounds (9 I think) The boxes were also cleaned out for next years nesting season in Spring. Interestingly one of the nests removed from one box had been partially woven with red coloured wool that the children had put out for the birds as nesting material last year! As you can imagine they were thrilled by this! The nest boxes have to be cleaned out as the birds rarely nest on top of old nests.
So ending on a bird theme I’ll leave you with a few pictures of some of Yatton’s resident birds….   

Colin Higgins (YACWAG Volunteer)  

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