We are fun class 7

Welcome we are class 7!


We are  a class of 22 children and our teachers are Mrs Hardy and Miss Smith. We all help each other and we love maths because you can solve lots of maths problems. We are the best class in the universe because we do extra work and we are all friends. Below are some of our favorite areas in our classroom.


We like our book corner because we have lots of different books and you can read a different story each time. The books are also filled with lots of information and you can also sit on our cosy cushions and relax.


We like our craft table because you can make lots of interesting things, things like monkeys, drawings,  painting, collage and birthday cards.



We love Lego because it’s fun and you can build motorbikes, cars, spaceships, houses and boats.


We love our teachers because they are exciting, fresh, pretty and fun They give us challengeing work and we like it. Our teachers are the best in the universe and so is class 7. Keep checking on our website as we will be showing you our good work.



Open afternoon in 4LJ


We had lots of fun when we invited the parents in for an the afternoon! We taught them how to do loads of different things, like how to create one cut books; how to do a mental maths test and how to earn a pen licence.


Ethan taught his Mum how to make a stained glass window using only triangles.


Daisy used a character description to help her Mum illustrate a story.


Both Adams and Ben showed Adam’s Mum how to sort different rocks into igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary.


Emma and Rachel taught Emma’s Mum how to reflect shapes in a mirror line.

It was really exhausting doing all that teaching… I think we’ll go back to learning instead! 🙂