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Year 2’s top ten things to do on the internet

Date: April 16, 2018 Author: Ms KLilley Categories: Year Two 1

Today class 7 have been talking about the internet. We noticed our school blog hasn’t been updated for a while so we thought it would be a good idea to add some new posts!

After a discussion about what we use the internet for, we’ve decided to compile a ‘Top Ten’ list of things we enjoy.

We like to;

  1. Listen to music. (Lyla)
  2. Watch YouTube. (Teddy)
  3. Follow instructions to make crafty things. (Willow)
  4. Using to buy things. (Jessica)
  5. Play games. (Fraser)
  6. Find out stuff; asking questions about the world around us. (Faith)
  7. Looking at images. (Lana)
  8. Look at things that help us with our homework. (Martha)
  9. Print off colouring sheets. (Corey)
  10. Researching cricket players. (Oscar)

Over the coming weeks we will be learning about how we can stay safe on the internet.

Class 7

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  1. Published by: M powell Date: April 16, 2018


    This sounds good, great list!

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