Charity week in 4OC

On Tuesday afternoon, 4OC set up seven different stalls in order to raise money for charity. Altogether we had a beauty salon, cake sale, drawing competition, apple bobbing, toy sale, Yatton has Talent competition and a scooter obstacle course. We had lots of happy customers who left 4OC with complete makeovers and cakes all around their mouths!

Matthew won Yatton’s got Talent and Miss Clarke won the blindfolded drawing competition!

We had a great afternoon and raised a total of £59! Well done 4OC.

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We’re blogging!

We’re blogging mad!

Welcome to the sandpit! We are very pleased to introduce our new pages that will give you all more information on what is happening both the infant and junior schools, see photos, videos and much, much more!

We are very excited that this will be the door into the school for parents and a way in which children can celebrate and share their learning.

Look out for the tags that will take you to your child’s class, or follow a specific theme that is of interest to you. We wish you a very happy blogging experience.

Jo Keeble

Flowers gallery

We enjoyed taking pictures of flowers…

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