Open afternoon in 4OC

4OC had a busy afternoon teaching their visitors lots of skills which they have been working on in class.

We were impressed with how hard our visitors worked for their ‘teachers.’

Some parents were lucky enough to earn pen licenses if their handwriting was of good enough quality! Visitors were put through their mental maths skills in a timed mental maths test, and enjoyed some guided reading sessions in the book corner. Visitors also had the opportunity to group and classify rocks according to their properties, with the aid of our geologists. Other activities included designing a stained glass window using triangles, drawing a character based on a description and reflecting shapes.

It was a great afternoon, we would like to thank all of our visitors who made it such a success as well as the children who worked so hard to run the activities.


Our visitors working hard on their reflection work!




Class 9

  Class 9 are the best!

We are class 9 and we do fun stuff like play dodgeball and scoop. We like our class because we have Mr Russe and he is the best teacher in the world.

 This is Carlos and he is from Mexico. He helps Mr Russe teach class 9.

This is Mrs Wellings and she is one of our favorite teachers because she is lovely and kind. She is also a very good friend.

We have been learning about giant structures and Adam has made a monsoono factory. You can also see the Eiffel tower.

class 8

Welcome, we are class 8

This is all of us together and we are great friends. We like doing work, we help people, we never give up and we love our teacher Miss Croft.

We want to show you somethings that we like  in our class.

 This is the Star of the week board. It is for children who do really good work and for good behavior.

This is Charlie’s Grandpa’s Titanic, we are borrow it and we would love to sail away.

We like our castle because it’s bright, pretty and we made it.

We like Miss Croft because she is very nice and if we got hurt she would help us. Miss Croft is very kind and helpful. Miss Croft is the best teacher in the world.

Welcome to Class 4

We are class 4

class 4 blog

In our class we love the…………

Role play area and we have been learning about Superheros.role play blog

wow blogWow board as we get to show off our good work.

We love Lego, because we love blog

We also love Mrs Williams because she smiles, she’s a awesome teacher, she teaches us, she’s smart and she is cool.

Yatton Infants School Magazine

The magazine club have been working really hard on the next edition of the magazine. It is filled with news from inside the school, quizzes, stories, jokes, puzzles and photos. The magazine club is made up of year 2 children that give up their own time one lunchtime a week to put together a great magazine for other children to read and enjoy.

The next installment of Yatton Infants magazine is on sale on Thursday 21st March. Please sign up on the class windows if you wish your child to purchase a copy or send a note in with your child saying they would like a copy. The magazines are copied to order to cut down on waste. So please sign up by Thursday and send your child with 40p to school on Thursday to recieve your copy by Friday.

We hope your enjoy it!


Red Nose Day at the Infant School

The infant school children had a lot of fun wearing soemthing funny for money this Red Nose Day. There was such a variety of outfits; inside out clothes, various onesies, costumes, colourful clothes and mismatched outfits. The teachers all joined in and donnated too. Throughout the day the children took party in a variety of fundraising events. The school council chose the winner of the face painting competition that had been taking place all week. Philip in Class 2 won the prize of painting Mr. Russe’s face. The school council said his design was chosen because ‘it was colourful and different from the rest.’ Philip really enjoyed painting Mr.Russe.

During the afternoon the year 2 children set up sporting events for the other year groups to take part in. Whilst donnating small change to play the games the children had a lot of fun and learnt some new games. After school pupils from class 8 and 9 helped sell the many cakes that were kindly donated to the school. We sold every single cake and raised a lot of money for this great cause. The day was a huge success with thanks to all parents and carers that helped create costumes and cakes and donnated money. I would like to also thank the children for their involvement, fun spirit and the year 2 children for working so hard.

Open Afternoon in Year 3 and 4

Thank you to all who participated in our open afternoon. The children thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to share their learning and particularly relished taking on the role of teacher!

They spent the afternoon teaching our visitors how to reflect shapes, sort and identify rocks, investigate triangles, earn a pen licence, play tag rugby, play the ukulele, make a one cut book, do guided reading, respond to a character description and do a mental maths test.  Phew!