Class 2


We are class 2

We have been taking photos of what we like at school and these are the things we like in class.

Teddy “I like playing with the cars and drawing.”

Carter “I like the Halloween corner because you get to dress up in the costumes.”

George “I like the book corner because we have lots of books.”

Isaac Millard “I like my friend Carter.”

Isaac Hayler “I like Nathaniel because I like playing with him. He’s my best friend.”

Spencer “I like playing in the sand and I like Amelia.”

Finley “I like going in the Halloween corner because it’s dark in there and I like the lights.”

Toby “I like going in the Maths corner. You can play with the beads and put them on the boards.”

Joseph “I like making octopuses and they have eight legs.”

Ryan “I like the home corner as you get to dress up.”

Nathaniel “I like when Amelia and me play babies because it’s a fun game and we get to play normal.”

Ava “I like playing in the role play area as it’s spooky.”

Jessica “I like colouring.”

Martha “I like planting with Amelia and she is my best friend.”

Lydia “I like Jess and Ava and I like doing drawing.”

Amelia “I like colouring, it’s fun.”

Sofia “I like Amelia, I always want to play with her. I like playing outside.”

Kerensa “I like playing in the role play area and it’s so spooky and scary. It’s so Hallooweeny. I also like the computer in the book corner.”

Pixie “I like drawing because I like to give it to my mum and dad.”

Sophie “I like drawing, the book corner and the sand. The sand is so soft. There is so much to play with in class.”

Isabelle “I like the book corner because there are lots of books.”

Audrey “I like the home corner because I like making potions.”

Islay “I like being friends with Rosie because she’s my sister.”

Rosie “I like the home corner because you can make pretend potions in there.

Josie “I like the home corner you can make spells.”

Nat “I like the home corner it’s got ghosts.”

Jack “I like playing with the cars.”

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