Class 9 Blog

Things we like about school.

We love Miss Pugh she is the best helper in class 9. She is really helpful and kind.We love our school because we have Lola the dog.

By Anais and Sofia
We love Miss Keeble because she gives us presents when we do good work.

By Rachael and Ruby
We like Mrs Hans because she helps us when we are stuck and when we are learning. Mrs Hans is a lovely teaching assistant because she is the best.

By Jessie and Sam
We love ICT because it’s amazing, wonderful and wicked! Also ICT helps us to learn.

By Emily and Charlie
We love our school because we learn brand new facts. We love our PE teacher Mr Major because he teaches us the best games. We love our school because we have the best, biggest playground. We love our teachers because there lovely.

George and Megan S

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  1. To Class 9, I have really enjoyed reading your blog. It is very interesting. I can’t wait to read what else you like learning about. You are lucky to have such lovely teachers!

  2. Hello Class 9 – it’s lovely to see that you all love your school so much! I look forward to reading more blogs!

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