Nature Detectives with YACWAG – Junior Learning College 20/11/15

Update from todays learning college session of ‘Nature Detectives’…
A great day enjoyed by the kids as we actually managed to get them outside for the whole session. Faith Moulin and I helped the children plant spring flowering plants and bulbs in the wildlife area. Some of these plants should help our spring time specialist such as early bumble bees, the Orange Tip Butterfly whilst providing winter seed heads for our birds.
Whilst we were doing this Trevor and John helped the children to map all the bird boxes on the school grounds (9 I think) The boxes were also cleaned out for next years nesting season in Spring. Interestingly one of the nests removed from one box had been partially woven with red coloured wool that the children had put out for the birds as nesting material last year! As you can imagine they were thrilled by this! The nest boxes have to be cleaned out as the birds rarely nest on top of old nests.
So ending on a bird theme I’ll leave you with a few pictures of some of Yatton’s resident birds….   

Colin Higgins (YACWAG Volunteer)  

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