Nature Detectives with YACWAG – Junior Learning College 13/11/15

Hi All,
I just wanted to say that we had a great ‘Nature Detectives’ session this afternoon in learning college. All the kids were enthusiastic and the ‘knowledge’ about wildlife is deffinately there with most of them.

Today they learnt about insects including butterflies and moths (as attached) and their relationship to small mammals that predate them within the food chain.

Learning points/words from the last two sessions if you want to test them are ‘Omnivore’, ‘Herbivore’, ‘Carnivore’, ‘Insectivore’ and finally ‘Invertebrate’.

On the next session we plan to get outside and get the kids planting some more plants in the conservation area to encourage these beneficial insects into the school grounds. This will be weather dependant but please be advised that children attending the next session will need warm jumpers/coats and appropriate footwear as they my get a bit wet and muddy!

If anyone wants to know what you can do to encourage wildlife into your own garden for your children to enjoy and learn from please feel free to contact YACWAG by email

Colin Higgins   (YAGWAG volunteer)

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