Top Ten Things to do on the Internet by class 9

Class 9 have been discussing what we use the internet for. Here are our top ten suggestions.

In 10th place is shopping for food, toys and clothes.

In 9th place is homework.

In 8th place is looking for things in Google maps.

In 7th place is finding out information by asking Google.

In 6th place is messaging family and friends.

In 5th place is video calls like WhatsApp, Facetime and Messenger.

In 4th place is looking at picture of family and friends on Facebook.

In 3rd place is music on Alexa, sonos and YouTube.

In 2nd place is playing video games.

And in 1st place watching videos on YouTube, iPlayer, Netflix and Amazon prime.

Keeping looking for our next post ‘How to stay safe on the internet.’

11 Replies to “Top Ten Things to do on the Internet by class 9”

  1. Abbie likes asking google for information. The other day she googles about the sun and dinsosaurs! She also likes watching my little pony on YouTube.

  2. Wow this is a really good list of things to do on the internet. Remember to stay safe and never give out personal details. Amelie loves looking up new things on the internet with me.

  3. Well done class 9. What a great list. Robbie loves looking up stuff on the Internet and listening to music on you tube.

  4. Briliant thinking class 9 !
    Clara uses the ipad to do Doodle maths and Doodle maths times tables, as well as watching netfilx and Iplayer.
    Remember to stay safe on the internet.
    From Charlotte (Clara’s mum)

  5. Looks like you have everything covered there Class 9. I think I do all of those apart from homework! Elliot is a big fan of watching Lego related things on YouTube and his big sister Isobel loves watching things like Operation Ouch and Pets Factor on iplayer.

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