Top Ten Things to do on the Internet by class 9

Class 9 have been discussing what we use the internet for. Here are our top ten suggestions.

In 10th place is shopping for food, toys and clothes.

In 9th place is homework.

In 8th place is looking for things in Google maps.

In 7th place is finding out information by asking Google.

In 6th place is messaging family and friends.

In 5th place is video calls like WhatsApp, Facetime and Messenger.

In 4th place is looking at picture of family and friends on Facebook.

In 3rd place is music on Alexa, sonos and YouTube.

In 2nd place is playing video games.

And in 1st place watching videos on YouTube, iPlayer, Netflix and Amazon prime.

Keeping looking for our next post ‘How to stay safe on the internet.’


Class 9 have been learning to write and programme Bee-bots. We started off by giving single instructions to the Bee-bots then our challenge was to try and give 2 or more instructions. We all had to remember to press the clear button at the start and go at the end. We also had to check our code to make sure the instructions were right so that Bee-bot didn’t go off the track. It also helped if we knew our left and right.

By Emily Brock

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Class 7 Blog

We have been learning how to blog and typing about things we like.

We think that we are the best class because Mr TG always helps us when we are stuck. He helps us learn things like multiplication. Sometimes on Monday afternoon he does PE with us. Mr TG does cool stuff with us. We have learnt a lot about space in class like Mars and Venus.

By Isla and Oliver
We like class 7 because we have ICT. We like the iPads because we get to play games on it. We also like to do ICT because you get to code your friends. Sometimes we play sand draw on the iPads. We also play Dustbuster.

By Megan Blake and Joe G
We like PE because it is the best of all time on Wednesday. PE is good because we play stuck in the mud. We love it very much like we love a friend. It is the best thing ever so good. The teacher is called Mr Tucker, he is the best teacher in the whole wide world.

By James and Ellena
We love PE because we play lots of games like stuck in the mud. Someone is the tagger and the other people have to run away from them. When you get tagged you have to put your hands out and someone has to go under your arms and then your free.

Morgan and Eva
We like Sport Heroes because we play who stole my keys. It is a game where you have to steal the keys from under the chair. It is after school on a Wednesday.

By Oliver and Aston
We like ICT because we do coding. Coding is really fun because we get to control robots and Bee-bots. Class 7 are the best class in school because that is what we think.

By Matilda and Kobey
In PE our teachers name is Mr Tucker. We like it in PE because we have been learning to balance. We do lots of balancing. ICT is also fun because we are learning to code and we play Fix the Factory. We have to fix the factory by putting the robot on the red and blue spots and there are lots of levels.

By Amelie and Gabriel
We think school is the best ever. We love mufti-day because you don’t have to wear your school uniform. We even have a school dog called Lola.

By Elizabeth and Frederick
We love class 7 because we have a lovely ICT teacher. Recently we have been doing coding. We found doing coding very tricky because it’s hard writing instructions when you’re not there doing it yourself. We think Miss Smith is the best teacher in the world because the way she teaches us is phenomenal.

By Lowena and Ryan

Class 9 Blog

Things we like about school.

We love Miss Pugh she is the best helper in class 9. She is really helpful and kind.We love our school because we have Lola the dog.

By Anais and Sofia
We love Miss Keeble because she gives us presents when we do good work.

By Rachael and Ruby
We like Mrs Hans because she helps us when we are stuck and when we are learning. Mrs Hans is a lovely teaching assistant because she is the best.

By Jessie and Sam
We love ICT because it’s amazing, wonderful and wicked! Also ICT helps us to learn.

By Emily and Charlie
We love our school because we learn brand new facts. We love our PE teacher Mr Major because he teaches us the best games. We love our school because we have the best, biggest playground. We love our teachers because there lovely.

George and Megan S

Class 8 start blogging

Class 8 have been trying out Pages an app on the iPads as well as learning to Blog. Below is some of the sentences they type.

Sport Heroes is the best thing ever because we get to play zombie tag and shower tag. I love class 8 because we have the best teacher Miss Smith who helps us do ICT and all the things I need to know.

Finley and Warren

Class 8 is amazing we do good ICT with Miss Smith

On Friday night we had fireworks and they were amazing because some were sparkling and everyone had glow sticks. We saw a smiley face firework. It was very,very dark and it was very cold. The fireworks where very noisy. Mrs Howard is very fun.

By Finley P and Beth
Class 8 are the best at Maths.

Class 8 have the best teachers in the world.

The school is the best school because we get to go to a dance club and go to the football club. Friday night club is brilliant because we get to play games.

Class 8 are the best at handwritting and we are the best at phonics. On Friday it was fun because we went to watch the school firework show!

Izzy and Samuel
Class 8 is amazing because Mrs Howard teaches us a lot to help us learn and Miss Smith teaches us to. Miss Smith helps us with our ICT and we play games like Fit the Factory and Education City.

Thomas and Lacie
Class 8 is the best in the world because we do lots of work and some of us listen.

Breakfast club is incredible because we get to play with toys and eat lots of lovely food.

I love the fireworks display it was a amazing and lots of noise.

Liv and George


I love Mrs Howard because she is the best. At Cadbury hill we played some activities. We played find all the picture it was so much fun.

I just love street dance, we learn how to dance and we get to hang out with our friends.

By William and Natasha


Class 8 is the best because our teachers are the best. We love our school and our teachers, children, assistants, head teacher and God.

We love the fireworks because they were beautiful.

By Oliver and Darcy


We like ICT and all the teachers because we get to sometimes play on the computers. Mrs Howard shows us respect.

We like the fireworks on Friday because there were pretty colours in the sky.

Lucas and Scarlett


Our school is amazing because in class 8 we have Miss Smith and Mrs Wellings. We play on the computers and the iPads. We like coding best because we get to play with the Bee-bots. We get to play Fix the Factory. After ICT is PE with Mr Ticker.

By Bella and Charlie B