Open Afternoon in Year 3 and 4

Thank you to all who participated in our open afternoon. The children thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to share their learning and particularly relished taking on the role of teacher!

They spent the afternoon teaching our visitors how to reflect shapes, sort and identify rocks, investigate triangles, earn a pen licence, play tag rugby, play the ukulele, make a one cut book, do guided reading, respond to a character description and do a mental maths test.  Phew!






Red Nose Day

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Well done to everyone who made such an effort to come to school ‘dressed funny for money’!


Special Boxes

Our Special Boxes…

The children in 3WH have really enjoyed sharing the things that are special to them. They have been taking it in turns to fill the special box with 6 items to show and tell to the rest of the class.

Jess’s Special Box

Jess's Special Box


Harry’s Special Box




The Great Tower Building Challenge

This week, Miss Williams’ Maths group formed their own companies to compete in the ‘Great Tower Building Competition’. They purchased building materials, kept a record of their spending and designed and built a free standing tower.

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Next lesson we considered which tower would be crowned ‘best value’ by dividing the height of the tower by the costs to work out the price per cm.

Congratulations to who built the tallest tower (103cm) and the best value tower at a cost of £8.30 per cm!