Pond Dipping

The Great Outdoors Club had a fantastic time emptying and re-filling¬†the infant school pond. We found four fish, some tadpoles and lots and lots of dead leaves! Mr Viney came in to help us, and told us interesting information about how to have a healthy pond and what kinds of creatures we might find. As the water drained away, he explained how to syphon the water out using just a hose. Everyone had a net and scooped out the contents of the pond. Now that the water is clean and clear, we are hoping lots more creatures will choose our pond as a place to live. Watch this space…


Nature Detectives with YACWAG – Junior Learning College 20/11/15

Update from todays learning college session of ‘Nature Detectives’…
A great day enjoyed by the kids as we actually managed to get them outside for the whole session. Faith Moulin and I helped the children plant spring flowering plants and bulbs in the wildlife area. Some of these plants should help our spring time specialist such as early bumble bees, the Orange Tip Butterfly whilst providing winter seed heads for our birds.
Whilst we were doing this Trevor and John helped the children to map all the bird boxes on the school grounds (9 I think) The boxes were also cleaned out for next years nesting season in Spring. Interestingly one of the nests removed from one box had been partially woven with red coloured wool that the children had put out for the birds as nesting material last year! As you can imagine they were thrilled by this! The nest boxes have to be cleaned out as the birds rarely nest on top of old nests.
So ending on a bird theme I’ll leave you with a few pictures of some of Yatton’s resident birds…. ¬†¬†

Colin Higgins (YACWAG Volunteer)  

For more information about YACWAG visit www.yacwag.org.uk 

Nature Detectives with YACWAG – Junior Learning College 13/11/15

Hi All,
I just wanted to say that we had a great ‘Nature Detectives’ session this afternoon in learning college. All the kids were enthusiastic and the ‘knowledge’ about wildlife is deffinately there with most of them.

Today they learnt about insects including butterflies and moths (as attached) and their relationship to small mammals that predate them within the food chain.

Learning points/words from the last two sessions if you want to test them are ‘Omnivore’, ‘Herbivore’, ‘Carnivore’, ‘Insectivore’ and finally ‘Invertebrate’.

On the next session we plan to get outside and get the kids planting some more plants in the conservation area to encourage these beneficial insects into the school grounds. This will be weather dependant but please be advised that children attending the next session will need warm jumpers/coats and appropriate footwear as they my get a bit wet and muddy!

If anyone wants to know what you can do to encourage wildlife into your own garden for your children to enjoy and learn from please feel free to contact YACWAG by email  contact@yacwag.org.uk

Colin Higgins   (YAGWAG volunteer)

A great week in class 8

Class 8 decided it was time to come up with their own topics to learn about this week. They decided on trains, fairies, under the sea, space and summer holidays.

We started with Under the Sea, we learnt a lot about the living things in the sea. We then created a collage of 3 levels of under the sea. The children had a lot of fun creating these and learnt a lot of facts. Day 2 was trains and fairies. the children picked which one they would spend the day learning about. They learnt facts and wrote brilliant rhyming poems about them. Thank you to Harvey and Johnathan who shared their vast knowledge of trains with the class. Day 3 we learnt about space the children really enjoyed learning about the solar system and made up a rhyme to remember the order of the planets. They learnt many facts throughout the day as space explorers. They also created a new planet that had been found in the solar system Рthey called it The Oven because it is so hot and it is the nearest planet to the sun. They decided Aliens had been found on the new planet and they designed this alien species. they also created a newspaper report about the new planet and a non fiction class book about space. it was a fantastic day whoch ended with art.

Day 4 was learning about summer holidays – this was also the class reward day. The day started by talking about holidays, where they had been and looking at the items they had brought in. We loved looking at each other’s things,¬†Harry enjoyed his backpack¬†containing everything he would need for a good explore, including a picnic set and blanket, a teddy, a book and some binoculars!¬†We then made a list of what we might pack to go on holiday and pretended to go.¬†I challenged them to create a holiday game for 2, ¬†6 year olds to play on holidays. They worked as a group to design and make the game. They than had to pitch their idea to a judging panel and a winner was decided. The winner was a seaside version of snakes and ladders. Other games that were created was: Rocket Launcher, Put the crown on Miss Croft’s head, Shape puzzle and Sentence maker. all the games were very imaginative and fun to play. We then had a dance followed by ice pops. It was a great morning followed by learning college in the afternoon.

It has been a fantastic, fun week in class 8!



We are the children of Class 2

Welcome to Class 2

blog 1

We are class 2 and we are all the bestest friends.

This is our teacher Mrs Packwood

blog 5

Mrs Packwood is kind, cool, loving and she gives us cardboard boxes to make models.

“Mrs Packwood is my best friend” Tanatswa

“I like Mrs Packwood because she sometimes forgets somethings and I have to remind her.” Phillip

blog 2

We love our class.

blog 7 blog 9 blog 11

We like making lots of things on our craft table.

blog 3

We like our book corner because we have new books.

We like playing Education City on the computer. blog 4

blog 10 We like building train tracks and playing with the lego.blog 6

blog 13 We like P.E with Mr Jones. blog 12

Red Nose Day at the Infant School

The infant school children had a lot of fun wearing soemthing funny for money this Red Nose Day. There was such a variety of outfits; inside out clothes, various onesies, costumes, colourful clothes and mismatched outfits. The teachers all joined in and donnated too. Throughout the day the children took party in a variety of fundraising events. The school council chose the winner of the face painting competition that had been taking place all week. Philip in Class 2 won the prize of painting Mr. Russe’s face. The school council said his design was chosen because ‘it was colourful and different from the rest.’ Philip really enjoyed painting Mr.Russe.

During the afternoon the year 2 children set up sporting events for the other year groups to take part in. Whilst donnating small change to play the games the children had a lot of fun and learnt some new games. After school pupils from class 8 and 9 helped sell the many cakes that were kindly donated to the school. We sold every single cake and raised a lot of money for this great cause. The day was a huge success with thanks to all parents and carers that helped create costumes and cakes and donnated money. I would like to also thank the children for their involvement, fun spirit and the year 2 children for working so hard.