Class 2


We are class 2

We have been taking photos of what we like at school and these are the things we like in class.

Teddy “I like playing with the cars and drawing.”

Carter “I like the Halloween corner because you get to dress up in the costumes.”

George “I like the book corner because we have lots of books.”

Isaac Millard “I like my friend Carter.”

Isaac Hayler “I like Nathaniel because I like playing with him. He’s my best friend.”

Spencer “I like playing in the sand and I like Amelia.”

Finley “I like going in the Halloween corner because it’s dark in there and I like the lights.”

Toby “I like going in the Maths corner. You can play with the beads and put them on the boards.”

Joseph “I like making octopuses and they have eight legs.”

Ryan “I like the home corner as you get to dress up.”

Nathaniel “I like when Amelia and me play babies because it’s a fun game and we get to play normal.”

Ava “I like playing in the role play area as it’s spooky.”

Jessica “I like colouring.”

Martha “I like planting with Amelia and she is my best friend.”

Lydia “I like Jess and Ava and I like doing drawing.”

Amelia “I like colouring, it’s fun.”

Sofia “I like Amelia, I always want to play with her. I like playing outside.”

Kerensa “I like playing in the role play area and it’s so spooky and scary. It’s so Hallooweeny. I also like the computer in the book corner.”

Pixie “I like drawing because I like to give it to my mum and dad.”

Sophie “I like drawing, the book corner and the sand. The sand is so soft. There is so much to play with in class.”

Isabelle “I like the book corner because there are lots of books.”

Audrey “I like the home corner because I like making potions.”

Islay “I like being friends with Rosie because she’s my sister.”

Rosie “I like the home corner because you can make pretend potions in there.

Josie “I like the home corner you can make spells.”

Nat “I like the home corner it’s got ghosts.”

Jack “I like playing with the cars.”

Skipathon at the infants for British Heart Foundation

Our happy heart wall
Our happy heart wall

The children at the infants had a great day on Thursday. The day was filled with skipping and skipping games. The children enjoyed skipping at break times and during the 45 minute skipathin. We were so proud of the amount of sponsors the children got and I know the British Heart Foundation will be so pleased. In class times the children learnt about keeping their heart healthy and what it does in the body. They made a happy heart wall for you all to enjoy. I will post some photos (not working at the moment) that we took throughout the day and I am sure you will all agree the children look like they are having an amazing time.

Thank you so much for all the suppport and sponsorship money you all raised. If you havent bought in the sponsor money yet please can you try and get it into school by Wednesday, as we want to send the money to the charity as soon as possible.

Thank you once again to help this event be so successful and to enable the children to have so much fun!

Sarah Croft



We are class 3



We are class 3 and we love our teachers Mrs Caffrey and Mrs Richards. We love them because they give us hugs when we fall over, they say hello when they come in, they help us read and show us how to make things. They also tell us lots of things and they let us play with our favourite toys.

We also like other things in school.

blog 5

We enjoying making

blog 1

Playing in the garden

blog 2

And playing on the climbing frames.

blog 3               blog 4

Miss Keeble is the boss of everyone and the whole school. Miss Keeble had to be the best teacher in the world to become the Head Teacher.

Welcome to Class 1

blog 1

We are class 1

We love being in class 1 because we can play.

                    blog 6

                                                       This is Mrs Lamb

blog 2

This is Mrs Redall

We love our teachers because they give us cuddles, they help us and there funny. Mrs Redall has beautiful long princess hair and Mrs Lamb does the best P.E lessons because we get to move round and play traffic lights. They also let us play and we have the best toys in the world.

blog 3 Lego

blog 10 Writing

blog 9 Cars

blog 4 And we get to play outside.

blog 5

We also Like Miss Keeble because she gives us certificate and she is the best, she also has a nice laugh.

blog 7







This is Miss Smith and she helps us in the computer room.

blog 8





Yatton Infants School Magazine

The magazine club have been working really hard on the next edition of the magazine. It is filled with news from inside the school, quizzes, stories, jokes, puzzles and photos. The magazine club is made up of year 2 children that give up their own time one lunchtime a week to put together a great magazine for other children to read and enjoy.

The next installment of Yatton Infants magazine is on sale on Thursday 21st March. Please sign up on the class windows if you wish your child to purchase a copy or send a note in with your child saying they would like a copy. The magazines are copied to order to cut down on waste. So please sign up by Thursday and send your child with 40p to school on Thursday to recieve your copy by Friday.

We hope your enjoy it!


Numicon challenge

Class 2 have been working in pairs on Numicon challenges. They were asked to cover the board without using the 1 shapes. When they had completed this they were offered a harder challenge where they weren’t allowed to use 1 or 2 shapes. They all enjoyed it so much that they wanted to do keep on and do further challenges!


Cadbury Hill Activities

The school trip at Cadbury Hill was the best ever!  We were taught how to light a fire and we learnt how to build dens.  The best activity, though, was where one of us was blind folded and we had a partner who took us to a random tree in the forest and we had to hug, kiss and lick the tree.  Mmmmmmm! Nice!  Then, we went back to the man in charge, called Weo – that was his nickname – took our blindfolds off and tried to find the tree that we had hugged and kissed!  This was very funny, as it took everyone ages to find their tree.  The majority of us managed to do it!
Here are some pictures from the school trip for 6c.