Dance Festival

A massive well done to all the children involved in last week’s Dance Festival! They have been working their socks off for months and it really paid off. We spent the afternoon in Weston practising at the Play House, then that evening they gave a fantastic performance which blew the audience away! One audience member was even overheard saying, “Yatton were the best by a country mile!”


Open afternoon in 4LJ


We had lots of fun when we invited the parents in for an the afternoon! We taught them how to do loads of different things, like how to create one cut books; how to do a mental maths test and how to earn a pen licence.


Ethan taught his Mum how to make a stained glass window using only triangles.


Daisy used a character description to help her Mum illustrate a story.


Both Adams and Ben showed Adam’s Mum how to sort different rocks into igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary.


Emma and Rachel taught Emma’s Mum how to reflect shapes in a mirror line.

It was really exhausting doing all that teaching… I think we’ll go back to learning instead! ūüôā

Open afternoon in 4OC

4OC had a busy afternoon teaching their visitors lots of skills which they have been working on in class.

We were impressed with how hard our visitors worked for their ‘teachers.’

Some parents were lucky enough to earn pen licenses if their handwriting was of good enough quality! Visitors were put through their mental maths skills in a timed mental maths test, and enjoyed some guided reading sessions in the book corner. Visitors also had the opportunity to group and classify rocks according to their properties, with the aid of our geologists. Other activities included designing a stained glass window using triangles, drawing a character based on a description and reflecting shapes.

It was a great afternoon, we would like to thank all of our visitors who made it such a success as well as the children who worked so hard to run the activities.


Our visitors working hard on their reflection work!




The Great Tower Building Challenge

This week, Miss Williams’ Maths group formed their own companies to compete in the ‘Great Tower Building Competition’. They purchased building materials, kept a record of their spending and designed and built a free standing tower.

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Next lesson we considered which tower would be crowned ‘best value’ by dividing the height of the tower by the costs to work out the price per cm.

Congratulations to who built the tallest tower (103cm) and the best value tower at a cost of £8.30 per cm!

Dance Festival Fever!

With just over a month to go until the North Somerset Dance Festival, we’re working really hard to ensure our performance will be fantastic!¬†IMG_2126

We’ve¬†learned lots of new moves and routines. Some are very ambitious…….

IMG_2150¬†¬† There’s still lots of practicing to be done but we know we’ll be ready to put on a spectacular performance at The Playhouse on the 16th April!

4LJ Investigate Rock Salt.

This week 4LJ have been investigating rock salt. In groups we conducted experiments to see who could extract the most salt.

Freja, Annie, Amy and Sophie waiting for the salt water to filter through.
Freja, Annie, Amy and Sophie are waiting for the salt water to filter through.

There were quite a few stages to our experiment – Firstly we have to sieve the rock salt then we added water to dissolve the salt. Next we filtered the mixture through filter paper and finally we left the salty water, in a Petri dish, over the weekend. We are all looking forward to seeing what will happen next!

We need to get rid off all the big bits.
We need to get rid of all the big bits.
This bit took ages!
This bit took ages!
The water was dirty so we're going to try again.
The water was dirty so we’re going to try again.