Our Spectacular Stone Age day

 Wednesday 17th June 2015

Our spectacular Stone Age day

On Wednesday the 10th June, we had are super gem jar treat: (Are gem jar treat is when we fill up a jar of gems and get a treat.) As are reward, we had a spectacular Stone Age day! We were allowed to come to school in Stone Age clothes: (Including our teddy bears!) If you wanted to, you didn’t have to go in fancy dress, or bring in a teddy. If you wanted to, you could bring your clothes to school and get along into them there. At the start of the day we did…

Stone Age art. Firstly, we did some breath taking, Stone Age art! When we were doing this Stone Age activity, we were given some pictures of real Stone Age carved animals. Firstly we had to choose an animal picture then get some tracing paper, put it over the picture and trace the picture. Then we had a go at drawing that same picture WITHOUT the tracing paper. Then finally, we did are final piece of any animal we wanted without the tracing paper again. In the middle of all this Miss Keeble and Mr Hayward (the head teachers.)Came in and judged our teddy‘s outfits! But they were so impressed with all of our teddies, (including ourselves) that we got a prize!

Stone Age food Next in this Stone Age activity we were making stewed fruit and Stone Age bread dipped in honey! Yummy! Miss Williams (our teacher) said to us; “hold on to your teeth! This Stone Age bread will be hard!” Miss Williams chose some volunteers to make the dough. The bread dough was made out of …

  • Hot water.
  • Whole meal flour
  • Stirring Spoon
  • Bowl
  • Apples

Hot water for the stewed fruit; some people were given apples to chop up and of course take the seeds out. Then we went outside for playtime, while the bread was in the oven.

Stone Age   rafts. (After playtime)…..In this Stone Age activity, we made Stone Age rafts! Miss Williams said “We could work in pairs to make a raft! My friend Fran and I walked together to make a raft. The rafts weren’t allowed to be made out of string or sellotape or anything like that, only things we could use were things we could find! Unfortunately, we were given a short amount of time to make them so I (Sylvie) and Fran ran out of time so we used an old piece of wood. We tested are rafts in a paddling pool we put firstly, a small rock on the raft, it floated, then we put a medium rock on it, then we put a big rock on it, it floated! But then we put a mega rock on it and it floated!!! So we put them on all at the same time! And still it floated!!!! So we were one of the winners! (The reason I said one of the winners because Jeannie, Lara and Charlotte were girls from my class) raft also floated.

Stone Age trousers. In this Stone Age activity, firstly we ate the Stone Age food, then had playtime and went back into class. Miss Williams said to us “Now we are going to figure out a way to attach some trousers to Ug: Again we got into groups of 3 or 4. I went with my best friends: Frankie and Bethan. Our idea was to get some stalks then we took the leaves off and then make some holes in the trousers so we could slide the grass stalks and then tie a knot in them on the other side and ta da!

By Sylvie Dunn

Dance Festival

A massive well done to all the children involved in last week’s Dance Festival! They have been working their socks off for months and it really paid off. We spent the afternoon in Weston practising at the Play House, then that evening they gave a fantastic performance which blew the audience away! One audience member was even overheard saying, “Yatton were the best by a country mile!”


Open Afternoon in Year 3 and 4

Thank you to all who participated in our open afternoon. The children thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to share their learning and particularly relished taking on the role of teacher!

They spent the afternoon teaching our visitors how to reflect shapes, sort and identify rocks, investigate triangles, earn a pen licence, play tag rugby, play the ukulele, make a one cut book, do guided reading, respond to a character description and do a mental maths test.  Phew!






Special Boxes

Our Special Boxes…

The children in 3WH have really enjoyed sharing the things that are special to them. They have been taking it in turns to fill the special box with 6 items to show and tell to the rest of the class.

Jess’s Special Box

Jess's Special Box


Harry’s Special Box




The Great Tower Building Challenge

This week, Miss Williams’ Maths group formed their own companies to compete in the ‘Great Tower Building Competition’. They purchased building materials, kept a record of their spending and designed and built a free standing tower.

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Next lesson we considered which tower would be crowned ‘best value’ by dividing the height of the tower by the costs to work out the price per cm.

Congratulations to Tango.com who built the tallest tower (103cm) and the best value tower at a cost of £8.30 per cm!

Dance Festival Fever!

With just over a month to go until the North Somerset Dance Festival, we’re working really hard to ensure our performance will be fantastic! IMG_2126

We’ve learned lots of new moves and routines. Some are very ambitious…….

IMG_2150   There’s still lots of practicing to be done but we know we’ll be ready to put on a spectacular performance at The Playhouse on the 16th April!