Class 8 start blogging

Class 8 have been trying out Pages an app on the iPads as well as learning to Blog. Below is some of the sentences they type.

Sport Heroes is the best thing ever because we get to play zombie tag and shower tag. I love class 8 because we have the best teacher Miss Smith who helps us do ICT and all the things I need to know.

Finley and Warren

Class 8 is amazing we do good ICT with Miss Smith

On Friday night we had fireworks and they were amazing because some were sparkling and everyone had glow sticks. We saw a smiley face firework. It was very,very dark and it was very cold. The fireworks where very noisy. Mrs Howard is very fun.

By Finley P and Beth
Class 8 are the best at Maths.

Class 8 have the best teachers in the world.

The school is the best school because we get to go to a dance club and go to the football club. Friday night club is brilliant because we get to play games.

Class 8 are the best at handwritting and we are the best at phonics. On Friday it was fun because we went to watch the school firework show!

Izzy and Samuel
Class 8 is amazing because Mrs Howard teaches us a lot to help us learn and Miss Smith teaches us to. Miss Smith helps us with our ICT and we play games like Fit the Factory and Education City.

Thomas and Lacie
Class 8 is the best in the world because we do lots of work and some of us listen.

Breakfast club is incredible because we get to play with toys and eat lots of lovely food.

I love the fireworks display it was a amazing and lots of noise.

Liv and George


I love Mrs Howard because she is the best. At Cadbury hill we played some activities. We played find all the picture it was so much fun.

I just love street dance, we learn how to dance and we get to hang out with our friends.

By William and Natasha


Class 8 is the best because our teachers are the best. We love our school and our teachers, children, assistants, head teacher and God.

We love the fireworks because they were beautiful.

By Oliver and Darcy


We like ICT and all the teachers because we get to sometimes play on the computers. Mrs Howard shows us respect.

We like the fireworks on Friday because there were pretty colours in the sky.

Lucas and Scarlett


Our school is amazing because in class 8 we have Miss Smith and Mrs Wellings. We play on the computers and the iPads. We like coding best because we get to play with the Bee-bots. We get to play Fix the Factory. After ICT is PE with Mr Ticker.

By Bella and Charlie B

A great week in class 8

Class 8 decided it was time to come up with their own topics to learn about this week. They decided on trains, fairies, under the sea, space and summer holidays.

We started with Under the Sea, we learnt a lot about the living things in the sea. We then created a collage of 3 levels of under the sea. The children had a lot of fun creating these and learnt a lot of facts. Day 2 was trains and fairies. the children picked which one they would spend the day learning about. They learnt facts and wrote brilliant rhyming poems about them. Thank you to Harvey and Johnathan who shared their vast knowledge of trains with the class. Day 3 we learnt about space the children really enjoyed learning about the solar system and made up a rhyme to remember the order of the planets. They learnt many facts throughout the day as space explorers. They also created a new planet that had been found in the solar system Рthey called it The Oven because it is so hot and it is the nearest planet to the sun. They decided Aliens had been found on the new planet and they designed this alien species. they also created a newspaper report about the new planet and a non fiction class book about space. it was a fantastic day whoch ended with art.

Day 4 was learning about summer holidays – this was also the class reward day. The day started by talking about holidays, where they had been and looking at the items they had brought in. We loved looking at each other’s things,¬†Harry enjoyed his backpack¬†containing everything he would need for a good explore, including a picnic set and blanket, a teddy, a book and some binoculars!¬†We then made a list of what we might pack to go on holiday and pretended to go.¬†I challenged them to create a holiday game for 2, ¬†6 year olds to play on holidays. They worked as a group to design and make the game. They than had to pitch their idea to a judging panel and a winner was decided. The winner was a seaside version of snakes and ladders. Other games that were created was: Rocket Launcher, Put the crown on Miss Croft’s head, Shape puzzle and Sentence maker. all the games were very imaginative and fun to play. We then had a dance followed by ice pops. It was a great morning followed by learning college in the afternoon.

It has been a fantastic, fun week in class 8!



class 8

Welcome, we are class 8

This is all of us together and we are great friends. We like doing work, we help people, we never give up and we love our teacher Miss Croft.

We want to show you somethings that we like  in our class.

 This is the Star of the week board. It is for children who do really good work and for good behavior.

This is Charlie’s Grandpa’s Titanic, we are borrow it and we would love to sail away.

We like our castle because it’s bright, pretty and we made it.

We like Miss Croft because she is very nice and if we got hurt she would help us. Miss Croft is very kind and helpful. Miss Croft is the best teacher in the world.