Skipathon at the infants for British Heart Foundation

Our happy heart wall
Our happy heart wall

The children at the infants had a great day on Thursday. The day was filled with skipping and skipping games. The children enjoyed skipping at break times and during the 45 minute skipathin. We were so proud of the amount of sponsors the children got and I know the British Heart Foundation will be so pleased. In class times the children learnt about keeping their heart healthy and what it does in the body. They made a happy heart wall for you all to enjoy. I will post some photos (not working at the moment) that we took throughout the day and I am sure you will all agree the children look like they are having an amazing time.

Thank you so much for all the suppport and sponsorship money you all raised. If you havent bought in the sponsor money yet please can you try and get it into school by Wednesday, as we want to send the money to the charity as soon as possible.

Thank you once again to help this event be so successful and to enable the children to have so much fun!

Sarah Croft